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Landscaping services may not precisely solve Mother earth’s ability to sustain human survival on this planet. Still, it can mitigate the onslaught of degradation that humanity does to the environment. As a matter of fact, through technology, human beings, as rational and intellectual beings on this planet, have created modes of ensuring food security in the global ecosystem. But, for how long?


As the last integrant of the food chain, man has to ensure other species’ survival to which he is entirely dependent. That would require the preservation of their habitats as well. Since every species has its own needs, how well their habitat can supply those needs might depend on what other species it shares the habitat with.


Current Population Statistics


Lawn Mowing Services


As of March 2020, the current global population is 7.8 billion, with China and India contributing 1,439,323,776 and 1,380,004,385 of their population, respectively. Asia stands as the most populated continent, with 4.54 billion inhabitants. Africa came in second with a population of 1.28 billion. Europe, third, with 742 million people, while the Latin American and Caribbean regions with 653 million, Northern America (the United States and Canada) 368 million, and Oceania, with only about 42 million inhabitants. The world’s population has ballooned from 1 billion (1800) to 7.8 billion (2020). The global human community increases at a rate of 1.1% or around 83 million annually.


Concept of Carrying Capacity which Landscaping Near Me tries to Understand


Can a population of 7.8 billion be supported by the earth’s resources, or to what extent can this planet sustain the human population? This capacity to maintain is the carrying capacity.


The carrying capacity is the maximum load or population size of humans that can be sustained given the resources (food, water, clothing, shelter, atmosphere, etc.) within a specific environment. When the human population exceeds the habitat’s carrying capacity, it will deplete those resources. Eventually, the human population will decrease (minus the human intervention hastening the decline).


Man, being ingenious, has found a way to harness his intellect by inventing technologies that would mitigate the loss or lack of these resources by controlling the population through birth control methods, employing innovative agricultural methods and techniques, biotechnology, and genetic engineering. To ensure food security, genetically- modified plant products (fruits, seeds, flowers) are made available. Transport of these products to different places without rotting is also possible for distribution to distant countries.


Lawn Mowing Services


Landscaping services in its effort to ensure the environment’s carrying capacity through ensuring biodiversity in the landscape. Their environment-friendly practices like fertilizer use and pest- control, aeration, and providing water infiltration to the soil also contribute to the availability of resources like water, air, temperature, light, and food. By preserving the habitat of other species like worms, spiders, ants, butterflies, flowering plants, trees, etc., they ensure a more diverse species contributing to the human species’ perpetuation.


Every individual must do their share in maintaining ecological stability, water, and food security. Landscaping services will surely do their part, tangible or intangible, in ensuring that resources will always be available for the entire population.